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History of Essential Oils & Natural Herbs

Ancient Egypt was the birth place of Essential Oils & Natural Herbs. The Egyptians cultivated plants for their oils and used them extensively in their religion, in cosmetics as well as for medicinal purposes.  Aromatic essence and resins were also used in the embalming process. It is thought that most essential oils were produced in Egypt by a type of solvent extraction method (enfleurage) using animal fat – however, distillation pots have also been found dating back about 3,500 BC.

Why Essential Oils and Natural Herbs.

We are focused on continuing with this great tradition and aspire to make Essential Oils & Natural Herbs, even more, an integral part of people’s livelihoods. We also hope to continue to promote community based development and social entrepreneurship by serving as a reliable resource of information, knowledge and awareness between the farmer, producer and consumer. In this way, we help to combine traditional agribusiness methods with the latest technologies and know-how. Towards this end, we aspire to give you, our esteemed customer, the very best in quality products and premium services.

Wellspring and Sports Ministry Assistant. writing proposals and subsequent reports for funding of specific programs in the sports ministry, for programs in Egypt and for those reaching throughout the N. Africa / Middle East region. Updating and maintaining online email system

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Brand of Quality

We have strong and enduring relationships with the top and most qualified producers of Essential Oils, Natural Herbs & Dehydrated Vegetables in Egypt. All the Oils, Herbs & Vegetables produced are 100% pure and natural, procured mostly from locally grown seeds, plants and herbs. We pride ourselves in working with only the best quality suppliers who follow stringent world-class quality standards procedures in their production process, whether by cold-pressing or distillation. We always strive for quality at its best to meet our clients’ stringent demands, if not surpass them.

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